Ambition vs Passion

We all are achievers and aspire to do more.

Wondering from recent incidents, are we aware of what’s guiding us??? Our Ambition or Passion.

There is a thin line difference between Ambition and Passion, however a deep and distinct feeling. Take a moment and reflect back… Had You chased your Ambition or lived your Passion?

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  • External desires pushing for end results.
  • Short term with rolling targets.
  • Mindset of developing strategies and plans .
  • Performance pressure .
  • High expectations with Situational stress and disappointment.
  • Money and Position are measure of success, which are dependent skills and competencies.
  • Joy of achievement.
  • Working in competitive environment.

  • Inner drive pulling towards purpose.
  • Long term, stays with You.
  • Emotions leading to actions in the moment.
  • Internal actualization.
  • Utmost enjoyment with purposeful journey.
  • Contentment by impacting people’s lives and flourishing with values and goals.
  • Bliss and Peace.
  • Collaborate to co-exist.