Authenticity-Headway to Happiness and Success

What is Authenticity?

Authenticity is an internal compass that keeps us guiding towards purpose and goals. In routine, it is the uniqueness that distinguishes ourselves from others. In testing times, it acts as self-reflection and raises awareness about the choices and journey we are in. While there are many definitions describing Authenticity in the best possible manner, in my simplest words, it is about being our “true self”.

What makes it difficult in practice?

As we grow in the social-economic world and start experiencing the stimulus, we tend to acquire new skills and competencies to compete and grow. In our endeavors to meet aspirational goals, there is a high risk of beliefs and values contaminated by judgments and facades, which lie to us by saying this is the right approach to reach higher and higher.

As we grow strong with our judgments, it impairs us from knowing more and more, which is an essential recharge in our developmental journey.

Judgments build a comforting environment around us over the period. With time we develop the art of evaluating situations through this lens and exhibit them in our behaviors.

 It prompts us to judge ourselves, others, and circumstances. Conveniently we develop opinions benefiting our own thoughts. Judgment develops behaviors and system that runs in autopilot mode. These judges make us unconsciously predictable in our interactions. Since this mechanism is working well, it becomes a way of life.

Judgments accomplice with facades acts together as a self-fulfilling prophecy. While it brings wins in small battles but weakens our ability to see the bigger views / our purpose. Judges and facades together never ever allow us to settle down. Facades can be in various forms.

These facades are constantly engaged and winning the internal struggle until we realize them and take conscious efforts to transform into genuineness.

Path to Authenticity: Every outcome or circumstance can be turned into an opportunity with your “true self”

Learning from previous experiences can be the reference for building new knowledge, however, attachment with past outcomes can be detrimental. Shifting focus on identifying development areas can create opportunities to handle future situations. These developmental areas are determined by discovering “Authentic Sweet Spot”. Purpose, Passion & Value when aligned creates an “Authentic Sweet Spot” which cuts through the facades and propels us towards Happy and Successful Life.

Our judgments and facades had grown stronger with time and need the power of positive quotient to dilute them. Deeper and strong powers can be built by consciously practicing one or more positive perspective

  • Empathy with ourselves and others for the situation we are in.
  • Explore the truth with great curiosity, what is unseen/unheard.
  • Innovate new solutions, beyond the current boundaries
  • Navigate the path, which is best aligned with purpose, passion & values
  • Activate the determination to implement actions that are best suited in the situation

“Authenticity (“true-self”) prepares us to lead challenges positively. It navigates us through situations with empathy and innovation, co-creating more power and knowledge in the working environment”.

PS: Some of the thoughts/views are inspired by