Coaching Culture in an Organisation


Human Resource or People are more than just a resource. They are the pool of strengths and capabilities, the reservoir of divergent ideas, working for their growth and aspirations.

Great leaders align these distinctions and translate them into one force aligned to meet larger purposes in the interest of an organization.

Align and engage people by knowing them rather than telling:

Today’s workplace has a more diverse workforce (age, gender, nationalities), more remotely placed with flexy timing. Everyone has the aspiration to grow and need to upskill themselves to meet the business requirements. Even the most skilled and experienced employees will need to hone their capabilities. Each employee has their own set of strengths and challenges, which calls for a customized approach instead of standard available solutions.

In this situation, an engaging conversation with the team members not only empowers them to take ownership of their developmental needs but also provides an opportunity for the leader to align further coarse of actions.

Coaching as a catalyst:

Coaching is a collaborative approach by engaging in a thought-provoking process and helps in exploring/discovering solutions or ideas for the subject in discussion. It is an interactive, result-oriented & progressive conversation focusing on setting goals, creating the outcome, and managing personal change

Today, coaching is a business imperative because, in our complex work environment, the decision cannot be forced or taken individually. Empowering employees to think, analyze, learn, and make smart choices independently, can lead to a sustainable growth culture.

As the business scales up, coaching skills across the organization provided every employee the opportunity to identify their potential and achieve peak performance.

How are you building a coaching culture in your organization to strengthen organizational growth and performance?