Series – Adapt to Evolve

“Emotional Intelligence”

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and those of the people around you

We all are driven by emotions. It is our skill to identify, use, understand and regulate these emotions, that create motivating influence. The four main sets of skills are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Enhanced emotional intelligence creates awareness about our feelings and converts them into positive actions

It enables us to distinguish between subjectivity which is feeling driven, from objectivity which is focusing on goals

To be in a position to better manage your Emotions, understand triggers influencing them. Triggers can be within you or your surrounding. Knowing them will facilitate in taking coarse correction.

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“Pragmatic Optimism”

Pragmatic Optimism is about having a realistic yet positive approach

At first instance, it may appear 2 seemingly distinct ideas.

Pragmatism serves to remind us that change is a continuous process and has numerous probabilities to our advantage while optimism allows us to understand and have faith in our ability to restore the situation.

This approach helps us dealing with things sensibly and practically.

Having regular engagement with our environment, and keeping a transparent communication enabling open and constructive feedback about yourself and the situation.

In simple words, it’s hoping for tomorrow, while living the present to its fullest.


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“Divergent Thinking”

Divergent thinking is a method used to generate free-flowing, creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions.

Through this thought process, many possible solutions are explored in a short amount of time, and unexpected connections are drawn leading to many new perspectives, which enables continuous improvement.

Focus on divergent thinking can increase individual creative performance and thus organizational creativity as well.

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“Openness for Experiment”

Experimentation leads to the development and improvement of products, processes, systems, and organizations.

-adopted from the book “Experimentation Matters” by Prof. Stefan H. Thomke

More important, discovering newness starts from our own “Openness for Experiment”.

We are often paralyzed by analysis & debate on trying something new.

As experimentation is about discovering new things, it requires stepping out of comfort zone.

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“Dealing with Ambiguity”

It is the degree of comfort level and skillful acts, with which we deal in uncertain situations. Receptiveness to these situations enhances our intuitive skills to decide and perform even without complete clarity.

We all deal with ambiguities in daily life, whether big or small Remember yourself in recent ambiguous situation and reflect on how you managed.

Doing nothing will not change the situation, on the contrary, taking actions shall make a way forward.

So Encourage yourself to take risks based on available visibility and your intuition.

Be hopeful and plan for the future, however, be watchful about present status.

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” Resilience”

Resilience is typically defined as the capacity to recover from difficult events. In short, it’s the ability to bounce back in life.

Resilience empowers a person to accept and adapt to a situation and move forward. It gives people the emotional strength to cope with hardship.

There are many suggested ways to develop resilience. However, my favorite ones are:

Stay focused, by finding your purpose and move towards goals. You will come across problems. Look for means, ways, and resources within your control and overcome those problems.

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Series – Adapt to Evolve

Change is an Event, Adaptation is a Process, Evolution is the Outcome!

Before COVID lockdown, we have had the opportunity to transition between home and work. In the current status, the transition time has reduced to nearly ZERO.

If, work from home will be new normal, then its time to develop new skills & values. Adaptable, Flexible, Genuine

Be Authentic, Be Real, Be You!!!

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