Performance can be enhanced by fulfilling balance between organizational goals and personal development.

Apotheosis believes that “people & processes” are inseparable and follow a holistic approach towards business performance by integrating them. Our Consulting approach enables organizations to meticulously identify the growth drivers and drive transformation to meet the ever-changing business environment.

Business Performance Excellence

Business performance is a measurement of results achieved against the indented goals. Performance excellence can be achieved by building organizational capabilities to overcome the current challenges and preparing for future opportunities. Performance can be enhanced by fulfilling balance between organizational goals and personal development.


  • Mission, Vision, Goals, Values
  • Stakeholder management
  • Priorities
  • Strengths and capabilities
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-Esteem / Motivation

Organization :

  • Agile and Adaptive
  • Perform to Transform
  • Openness for
    Experimentation /


  • Organizational setup
  • KPI management
  • Resource Optimization
  • Collective Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Explore vs Exploit
  • Dealing with ambiguity

Lead a performing Organization, Team and Self


Great and successful organizations always look to continuous and sustainable growth. Leaders play a pivotal role in this process by sharing organizational visions and goals with that team and lead the changes.

We facilities organization and leaders in aligning and engaging teams towards a common goal.

Our approach enables leaders and teams to adapt with diversities and maximize their performance by creating a collaborative environment and grow together.


  • Culture
  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Structure


  • Expected outputs
  • Strengths
  • Capabilities
  • Drivers/Motivation


  • Who am I
  • How I lead
  • How I respond to situations

Build an Ambidextrous Organization


In today’s business world, the biggest dilemma for leaders is to focus on present or prepare for future. Researches suggest that a structured approach can manage both present and future.

We partner with clients to develop an “Ambidextrous culture” in the organization to exploit the present and explore the future. We involve stakeholders to identify the gaps (performance vs opportunity), current challenges and future priorities, define measurable KPIs, design execution plans and processes.


  • Context
  • Market Environment
  • Competition
  • Resources


  • Organizational setup
  • Vision / Mission
  • Strategy vs Tactical
  • Measurable KPIs


  • Deliverables:
  • Performance Gap
  • Opportunity Gap

Enhance Performance through Experimentation

Experimentation matters because it fuels the discovery and creation of knowledge and thereby leads to development and improvement of products, processes, systems and organizations.
– “Experimentation Matters” by Prof. Stefan H. Thomke (HBS)

Experimentation is an iterative process of understanding “what does” and “what doesn’t” work. It’s an opportunity for innovation.

Developing experimentation culture

  • Organizational setup
  • Processes
  • Peoples capabilities
  • Resources & investments
  • Learning by Doing
  • Projects as experiments
  • Checklist for better experimentation

More often organizations are paralyzed by their own analysis and debate on trying out something new that they unconsciously miss the opportunity to experiment and innovate. We involve with managers & teams in challenging the current processes, encouraging divergent thinking, and develop a quest for discovering new things. It builds a culture to step out of comfort zone, becoming aware of cause-effect relationship and consciously learn to lead for discovery or innovation

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